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Ontario Biology Day (OBD) is an annual event where 4th year undergraduate students from Ontario Universities present their research findings. OBD is hosted and organized on a rotating basis by several Universities in the province. Below is the list of past events. The abstract and program information are provided where available.

YEAR Host university Event page & link Program info Abstracts
2019 Western University 32nd OBD (March 23-24) Schedule Program
2018 Sir Wilfrid Laurier University 31st OBD (March 24-25) Schedule Abstracts (PDFs)
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Poster Group A
Poster Group B
Poster Group C
Poster Group D
2017 Laurentian University 30th OBD (March 18-19) schedule PDF program (platform) PDF
program (poster) PDF
2016 Ryerson University 29th OBD (March 19-20) schedule PDF
poster PDF
abstracts PDF
2015 Carleton University 28th OBD (March 21-22) schedule PDF abstracts PDF
program PDF
2014 University of Toronto Mississauga 27th OBD (March 22-23) schedule PDF
poster PDF
abstract PDF
2013 McMaster University 26th OBD (March 16-17) schedule PDF abstract PDF
2012 Laurentian University 25th OBD (March 17-18) schedule PDF abstract PDF
2011 Sir Wilfrid Laurier University 24th OBD (March 12-13) schedule PDF abstract PDF
2010 York University 23rd OBD (March 13-14)    
2009 University of Windsor 22nd OBD    
2008 University of Guelph 21st OBD schedule PDF abstract PDF
2007 McMaster University 20th OBD    
2006 Western University 19th OBD invitation letter abstract PDF
2005 Laurentian University 18th OBD    
2004 Nipissing University 17th OBD    
2003 Sir Wilfrid Laurier University 16th OBD    
2002 Western University 15th OBD    
2001 Brock University 14th OBD    
2000 Trent University 13th OBD    
1999 McMaster University 12th OBD    
1998 Laurentian University 11th OBD    
1997 Sir Wilfrid Laurier University 10th OBD    
1996 University of Guelph 9th OBD    
1995 Brock University 8th OBD    
1994 Western University 7th OBD    
1993 Sir Wilfrid Laurier University 6th OBD    
1992 Trent University 5th OBD    
1991 McMaster University 4th OBD    
1990 Laurentian University 3rd OBD    
1989 Western University 2nd OBD    
1988 York University 1st OBD    

Information last updated on January 5, 2019. Questions/Comments? Send email to bgupta[dot]bio~at~gmail[dot]com (Bhagwati Gupta). Thank you.