-The registration desk will be open on Saturday from 11:00-13:00 in the Great Hall, where lunch is served. After that, registration will be moved to the Library Rotunda.

-The latest Schedule and Program have been uploaded.

-A new session of talks on Sunday has been opened up. If you are scheduled for a poster but would rather talk in the Sunday session, let me know immediately.

-We can't include breakfast on Saturday morning. Our campus food services just won't open the kitchen for fewer than 50 people. Sorry!

-The mixer that was to be at the Living with Lakes Center on Friday night has been moved to the Laughing Buddah, a popular downtown eatery.

-The skating rink on Ramsey Lake is closed. Do not go on the ice! This crazy warm weather has really shortened our winter.

-We've made a small booklet that has the Schedule and Program together. You'll get a hardcopy of this at the registration desk.

-The Abstract booklet is also now available but will only be posted online.

-Bring your talks on a USB stick or email to Charles Ramcharan. They will be loaded at the registration desk, or during the breaks between the talks, at the latest.

-For posters, we'll be using velcro tape to attach them to the mounting boards. Posters must be put up either on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

Welcome to Ontario Biology Day 2012!

Ontario Biology Day, now in its 25th year, is an annual meeting where fourth year honour's students from Ontario universities present the results of their research. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to meet their peers from Ontario's different schools, and is also the very best place to look for potential supervisors for both graduate research and technical positions. Research topics cover a complete range including ecology, behaviour, evolution, genetics, psychology, conservation, physiology, biomedical research, and environmental science. The meetings are hosted and organized on a rotating basis by a number of Ontario Universities. This year, OBD will be held on 16-18 March 2012 at Laurentian University in Sudbury. This is the second time that OBD will be held in Sudbury and we're very much looking forward to it. For more information, please contact Charles Ramcharan.

Registration is now closed. Please see the Program page for details about the conference.