Molecular, Cell, Development (MCD) Seminar Series - McMaster University
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Molecular, Cell, Development (MCD) SEMINAR SERIES
Department of Biology

Schedule 2008-09
5 (Thurs) Dr. Bhagwati Gupta
Department of Biology, McMaster University

A single gene network accurately predicts phenotypic effects of gene perturbation in Caenorhabditis elegans (Insuk et al., Nature Genetics 2008, vol. 40, p. 181-188) PDF

19 (Thurs) Dr. Andre Bedard
Department of Biology, McMaster University

PTEN Nuclear Localization Is Regulated by Oxidative Stress and Mediates p53-Dependent Tumor Suppression (Chang et al., Mol. Cell. Biol. 2008, vol. 28, p. 3281-3289) PDF

Ubiquitination Regulates PTEN Nuclear Import and Tumor Suppression (Trotman et al., Cell 2007, vol. 128, 141-156) PDF

10 (Thurs) Nickett Donaldson
Daniel lab

Initiation of Wnt signaling: control of Wnt coreceptor Lrp6 phosphorylation/activation via frizzled, dishevelled and axin functions (Zeng et al., Development 2008, vol. 135, 367-375)

31 (Thurs) Kim Glenfield
Zhu lab

Cell cycle control of telomere protection and NHEJ revealed by a ts mutation in the DNA-binding domain of TRF2 (Konishi and de Lange, Genes & Development 2008, vol. 22:1221-1230)

14 (Thurs) Michelle Anstey
Zhu lab

Cyclical DNA methylation of a transcriptionally active promoter (Metivier et al., Nature 2008, vol. 452, 45-50)

11th (Thurs) Jenny Wang
Bedard lab

A robust system for RNA interference in the chicken using a modified microRNA operon (Das et al., Developmental Biology 2006, vol. 294, 554-563)

23rd (Thurs) Noor Hossain
Jacobs lab

The Tumor Suppressors Merlin and Expanded Function Cooperatively to Modulate Receptor Endocytosis and Signaling (Maitra et al., Current Biology 2006, vol. 16, 702-709)

18th (Thurs) Megan McKerlie
Zhu lab


8th (Thurs)# HSC-1A03 Dr. Alex Schumacher
Technical University of Munich, Germany

Complex diseases, environment and the emerging epigenetic paradigm: Lessons from neurobehavioral disorders Abstract

23rd (Fri) Megan McKerlie
Zhu lab

Essential role of Pin1 in the regulation of TRF1 stability and telomere maintenance (Lee et al., Nature Cell Biology, 2008, vol. 11, pp. 97-105) PDF

6th (Fri) -OPEN-

20th (Fri) Dr. Chris Wynder
McMaster Stem Cell Research Institute

Transcriptional regulation via H3K4 methylation; how do you decide? Abstract

6th (Fri) Kyster Nanan
Daniel lab

An essential role for p120-catenin in Src- and Rac1-mediated anchorage-independent cell growth (Dohn et al. 2009, JCB, vol. 184, No. 3, 437-450) PDF

20th (Fri) Bart Maslikowski
Bedard lab

Twist is transcriptionally induced by activation of STAT3 and mediates STAT3 oncogenic function (Cheng et al. 2003, JBC, vol. 283, 14665-14673) PDF

3rd (Fri) Judith West-Mays - Postponed-
Pathology & Molecular Medicine, McMaster Health Sciences

Role of AP-2 genes in ocular development and congenital disease

24th (Fri) Chistine Kerr
West-Mays lab

Lens Defects Resulting From Activated Smoothened Mutation Mimicking Constitutive Hedgehog Signaling

1st (Fri) Michelle Melone
Daniel lab

p120 Catenin Recruits Cadherins to (gamma)-Secretase and Inhibits Production of A(beta) Peptide (Kouchi et al. 2009, JBC, vol. 284, 1954-1961) PDF

15th (Fri) Aidan Dineen
Campos lab

A Nurr1/CoREST Pathway in Microglia and Astrocytes Protects Dopaminergic Neurons from Inflammation-Induced Death (Saijo et al. 2009, Cell, vol. 137, 47-59) PDF

29th (Fri) Jillian Roberts
Fahnestock lab

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor downregulation in Alzheimer's disease: Is tau involved?