Bio-715 Graduate Course (Topics in Evolutionary Genetics)

Department of Biology, McMaster University

This course typically consists of two-three modules that revolve around the expertise of instructors. We are open to your ideas and interests and will attempt to accommodate topics that align with your research thesis. You will be required to give a seminar presentation in each module. The seminars will focus on critical analysis of one or two primary research article(s). You are expected to research the necessary background, read other articles, reviews and books. You must select topics and papers in consultation with course instructors. Once approved, this information must be circulated among the group at least one week before your presentation. In addition to presentations, there may also be a writing component, such as a short review on a pre-approved topic. The topics must not be too close to your graduate research work.

Critique and commentary on the book by Sean Carroll - Endless Forms Most Beutiful and related Evo-Devo topic