Molecular, Cell, Development (MCD) Seminar Series - McMaster University
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Molecular, Cell, Development (MCD) SEMINAR SERIES
Department of Biology

Speaker: Dr. Elena Verdu

Date: Friday April 19th, 2013
Time: 12 noon
Location: HSC 1A5

Title: The spectrum of gluten related disorders; new concepts and emerging treatment modalities

I will discuss new concepts regarding the pathophysiology of gluten intolerance, including classic celiac disease and non celiac gluten sensitivity. I will present results using an animal model of gluten sensitivity in HLA-DQ8 mice. Gluten-sensitized mice exhibit many changes in gut function, including altered permeability (leaky gut) and motor function. This animal model reproduces the effects reported in individuals with gluten sensitivity rather than classic celiac disease since the neuromotor and barrier abnormalities occur in the absence of mucosal atrophy. Using this animal model I will discuss the preclinical development of some adjuvant therapies for a gluten free diet.