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Visitors and guests
Visitors/guests have lowest access in labdb. In some cases they may be able to perform basic searches to one or more modules. Although the output will contain minimum details, it could still be a useful feature in some resources.

Registered users
This category contains three types of users.

A Standard User has enhanced access to all modules and records in terms of browse and search features.

A Manager has all the rights of a Standard User and, in addition, can access many system-wide and module settings as well as perform back up of module database tables.

Finally, an Administrator has all the rights of a manager as well as greater access to settings. The Administrator can also create/ban/delete user accounts.

Module curators
A registered user (both Standard as well as Manager) can be assigned the role of a module curator. Such a user can manage module contents. The Curator has the ability to add, delete and modify module records. Multiple browse options are provided to facilitate module data management.

More details on labdb guide and development can be found at this location.

Contents last updated on January 2, 2019.

labdb-0.9.8 (2019). Maintained by Gupta Lab.